Lord Byronthe spirit of all things glamorous, dandy and decadent.

Channelling the franticly emotional and stylish spirit of their namesake – flamboyant, notorious, poetic and Romantic – completely and without shame, Lord Byron’s dramatic and diverse musical style capers freely across deliciously louche soundscapes to bring you an indulgent, sonic adventure. Jaunty, rakish tunes point just as easily towards highly energetic rock’n’roll as to emotionally intimate ballads, with the two often combining in a single song. From classic and progressive rock to glam, new-romantic and baroque, Lord Byron is inspired by the poetry and decadent lifestyle of the poet himself, as well as the music of Queen, Bowie and the Baroque.

The importance of the visual element in musical performance is embraced and championed by Lord Byron. The willowy silhouette of the front man, outrageous opera styled keyboards and glamorous society chic of the guitars combine to create a compelling on-stage spectacle. This desire to caper across the stages of the world has resulted in Lord Byron having an international career filled with animate thrills and intoxicating sensation. From Australia to Turkey, London via Germany, New York and onwards to Italy, Lord Byron has delighted stages with musical mischief the world over. 

From the original concept developed by frontman Kevin Zwierzchaczewski’s love of glam rock, cabaret and outlandish theatre, he has gone on to release a number of records under the title of Lord Byron as well as a number of further international collaborations. With original collaborator Robert Russell, Lord Byron’s Marionette EP accompanied by the title track music video (which went on to collect a number of Australian Independent Film Makers’ Awards) was followed by the full length album Dancing on the Moon. The strength of this record, and an invitation from Queen’s Brian May, carried the project to Europe where the line-up became increasingly international. Professional collaborations with Mattia Garimanno of Ænima Recordings opened further pathways into a much wider European musical platform, allowing Kevin/ Lord Byron to perform and record with such artists as Nalle Pahlsson and Linnea Vikstrom of Sweden’s Therion, as well as Thomas Vikstrom of Candlemass and Therion fame. Duets with Isa Garcia featured on the Errant Shadow self-titled record that Lord Byron lent his voice and lyric writing talents to as an international Italian/ Swedish/ Australian collaboration. Davide Cristofoli of Highlord and Emanuele Bodo have both been prominent, regular collaborators and tour mates. Invited by Marco Signore (who later became instrumental in Lord Byron’s new song-writing direction) as guest vocalist with Italy’s Heavenshine, Lord Byron toured with such names as Stradivarius from Finland, Sweden’s Marduk and Overkill from the USA. Another two records and a series of music videos with The Experiment No.Q saw Lord Byron’s international collaborations stretch as far as Argentina and the USA. In the last decade, since Dancing on the Moon was released, Lord Byron has lent his vocal and song-writing talents to no less than another ten records, each with diverse styles allowing him to exercise different aspects of his vocal and lyrical quality.

“Lord Byron is the band you’ve always wanted to fall in love with. They pull the strings and move you whichever way they want… they never fail to inspire a crowd that will do anything (and I mean ANYTHING) to woo their beloved Lord Byron! Tremendous!”
Triple J

“When Lord Byron are in full flight it is something truly awesome to behold. This is one band not to be missed!”
 – Time Out Magazine

“Devilishly handsome.. extravagant.. camp cabaret.”
– London Tourdates

“Lord Almighty! They will baroque you!”
– MX Magazine