A New Year and with it dandy new adventures!

With the holiday season disappearing into a fog of half remembered absinthe dreams, Lord Byron launches into this new year with ever greater verve and debaucherous delectation! 

As we await the arrival of the delicious new Remnants of an Empire, we have news of an impending single release. Yes! Cosmos Thrillers has a rousing new lyric video waiting eagerly in the wings. With artwork by Iceland’s extremely talented David Thor Fjalarsson and a story of high adventure by James de Zanet, you’re certain to be left all a-quiver when this lovely video drops, in 5… 4…. 3….

The party continues! Lord Byron invites you to his sumptuous banquet of art, music, mischief and dreams.

After having dusted off two seductive treasures, Marionette and Dancing on the Moon, the exquisite anticipation builds for his next fantastical musical work, “Remnants of an Empire”, available for those who take part in the exclusive PRESALE.

Expectations are piqued for a fanciful new music video raised from the depths of Atlantis itself! Ready your rocket-ships and blast off with us into a stellar December!

Grab your cravats, dust off your hats and get ready for a dandy October!

Lord Byron has a magical hat full of surprises for you this scrumptious October: a month full of ravishing releases.

The gala kicks off with the digital re-issue of the Marionette EP that will be available through every digital reseller and streaming platform on 15th October. Following this, the highly acclaimed, full-length album Dancing on The Moon, which propelled the band beyond its Australian boundaries to swan saucily across the world stage, will be re-released in all its digital splendour on the 22nd of October.

All this spectacle will be followed by the dazzling release of an official new music video on the 29th.

During this period, THE PRESALE for a newly recorded, soon to be released Atlantean space opera will be open, allowing you to secure your signed copy through the official Lord Byron Website.

Watch the skies for satellites and stay tuned for more!